N-Type announces Wheel & Deal Dubstep Vol. 1

N-Type has certainly been a busy man. April 4th see’s the release of a full-length LP from Wheel & Deal featuring all the artists that have had releases under the imprint. This includes the likes of Youngsta, Ben Verse, Matt U, DJ Madd, LX One and many more. This is a huge release with some dubplate bangers I believe many dubheads will be finally proud to own. Tracklist below.

  1. DJG – NYC
  2. Benton – Videodrome
  3. Ben Verse – Wilderness
  4. Matt U – Eraserhead
  5. N-Type – The Bark
  6. Coki – Madman
  7. LX One – Not Good Enough For Me
  8. Seven – Calculated
  9. Phaeleh – Next Phase
  10. N-Type & The Others – Shadow
  11. DJ Madd – Swinger
  12. MRK 1 – Download the World
  13. Kutz & DJG – Hella Tight
  14. Slaughter Mob – Princess of Rio
  15. K-Aze (AKA Lemon D) – Hot Groove

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