Youngsta to mix Rinse: 14

Now this is what I’m talking about. I know I’m a little behind with the news but this is huge. Having already mixed two of the Dubstep Allstar volumes, Youngsta is now penning his sound on the Rinse compilation series. Out in May, the mix CD will be accompanied with a launch party at FWD>> Plastic People May 12 featuring Youngsta, Kryptic Minds, SP:MC and guests. I will definitely be there. Tracklist below.

  1. Down – SP:MC & LX ONE
  2. Foreseen VIP – Freeze & LX ONE
  3. Judgement – SP:MC & LX ONE
  4. Xylophobia VIP – Icicle
  5. Hidden – Matt U
  6. Organic Step – Icicle
  7. Manhattan Blues – Cyrus
  8. Momentum – Icicle & Youngsta
  9. Venom – Verse
  10. No Respect – DJ Madd & Chris SU
  11. Dark Star – Verse
  12. Can’t Sleep feat. Alys Be – Kryptic Minds
  13. Secrets – DJ Madd
  14. Arcane – Kryptic Minds & Youngsta
  15. Pitch Black – DJ Madd
  16. Give It Up – LX ONE
  17. New Reality – DJ Madd
  18. Empty Inside – Matt U
  19. Mind Control – Distance
  20. Wilderness (Youngsta Special) – Verse

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