Download: TRUTH – Love’s Shadow LP

It’s Wednesday which can only mean one thing, the third and final instalment of TRUTH’s “Love’s Shadow” LP. Part III delivers the real heavy hitters from the album, including the title track “Love’s Shadow”, a huge collaboration with Datsik entitled “Too Late”, the dancefloor-rocking “Death Row”, which is a joint effort with fellow kiwis Crushington, and something a bit different in the form of “Southern Nights” with a wonky off-the-beat shuffle and jazz influences.

However, this doesn’t entirely mark the finale of the Love’s Shadow extravaganza. There is a final act, an encore, an epilogue of immense magnitude to send you off with a bang, and it comes in the form of a remix compilation. TRUTH have had submissions from the likes of Biome, J:Kenzo, Perverse, Kaiju, Marchmellow & Riskotheque, Dutty Ranks, Megalodon, Babylon System, Dubtek, Vicious Circle, DJ Madd and Olie Bassweight. And if that wasn’t enough, more are due in from Supreme, Seven, Antiserum, Noah D, TMSV, Stylust Beats, Optimus Gryme and Ben Verse. For now, enjoy the album in its full entity and support the duo via their respective socials. If you would like to read more about this project you can find a full interview via Knowledge Magazine.

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