Press Release: Sleeper – Lander / Crucially Dubbing / Stronghold [CHST034]

Sleeper returns back to Chestplate with three cyber tribal riddims that are optimized floor killers. Skulking in the corners and alleys with a noir paranoia and weaponized with neuro licks to flay the mind while noxious blasts of industrial dust and ash cloud the air, ‘Lander’ is sure to put any system through its paces.

Meanwhile, ‘Crucially Dubbing’ is possessed with psychotropic whirring percussion that refract off themselves while the subs skank to and fro in tribute to Jamaica. Finding ways through the sacred geometry, heady swirling atmospheres make ‘Crucially Dubbing’ delightfully psychedelic as well.

Lastly, ‘Stronghold Dub’ has a more spartan agenda – with martial snare rolls, steely eyed synth warbles and guttural mid-range, ‘Stronghold Dub’ builds into a hypnotic heaving beast reminiscent of elder DMZ plates.

CHST034 will be released November 3rd and is available to pre-order from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, Juno and Juno Download.

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