2004 saw the founding of flagship labels DMZ and Hyperdub with others, Tectonic and Deep Medi following shortly after. Although the birth of dubstep could be traced before this time (Tempa 2000), it’s certainly a solid starting point for the sound. The end of 2014 marks a decade of dubstep. Within this period, a niche genre of underground music flourished exploding to a level nobody could have predicted. To commemorate this epoch we want to ask you our readers one golden question;


We appreciate this is a very hard and challenging question to answer but at the same time, it will be very interesting to see what people say. Notice we only used the label ‘dubstep’, freeing restrictions regarding BPM. Furthermore, given the physicality of the sound your answers should be a vinyl based release. Good luck and feel free to share among your pages. Let’s see how much of the dubstep community we can get involved!

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