‘One More Tune’ TRUSIK Mix – Rinse France 27/07/15

DJ Bluntsman & DJ Pohy invited me on their ‘One More Tune’ show on Rinse France last month. After a short interview I played a 30 minute guest mix featuring some of my favourite released tracks as well as some forthcoming music from some very talented artists. Keep an eye on our usual pages for their confirmed release dates. Stream / download the mix below >>


Karma – Voyager // Back To Chill
» Headhunter – Projector // Black Box
Headhunter – Prototype (Youngsta VIP) // TRUSIK Free Download
Argo – Impulse (Blank Dub Pt. 2) // forthcoming Encrypted Audio
Jack Sparrow – Where Am I // Deep Medi
» Karma – Heal // forthcoming Innamind
Headhunter – Parallels // forthcoming ?
Thelem – We Ain’t The Same (feat. T-Man) // forthcoming Artikal Music
Kahn – Abattoir // Deep Medi
Commodo – Surveillance // Deep Medi
Headhunter – Stand Alone // forthcoming ?
Thelem – Get A Grip // forthcoming Artikal Music
Goth-Trad – Smasher // Back To Chill

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