Ipman Spotlight Mix for Data Transmission

Ipman is a name that’s been coming up an awful lot recently, and for all the right reasons. The moniker of Jack Gibbons, it has come to mean the exciting new face of UK dance music, unleashing gritty techno, menacing dub and breakbeat nightmares to devastating effect.

After Gibbons’ debut album, Depatterning, first turned up in the DT office, it didn’t take long for us to jump on the Ipman bandwagon. Signed to Tectonic – the Bristol powerhouse headed up by Pinch – the album drops October 16th, and offers a glimpse at the nation’s electronic heritage, drawing heavily from nostalgic influences to create a contemporary kaleidoscope of sound.

It seems Gibbons’ takes a similarly varied approach in his track selection process too. The Herefordshire DJ’s Spotlight Mix contains work from key figures, renowned for their distinct sounds: Objekt, Kowton, Cristian Vogel, Randomer, Tessela, Aphex Twin… the list goes on. Whether this is a pro selecta flexing his muscles, or simply Jack getting bored easily (and he has admitted a tendency to do that), we’re impressed to say the least, and we think you will be too.”

Source: Data Transmission

Tracklist on SoundCloud.
Pre-Order ‘Depatterning’ from ipmanmusic.com

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