October Release Round Up

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, and I couldn’t help but notice the decent amount of records that have / will hit our shelves this month. To be honest, I thought we were spoilt with the amount of quality music released last year, but as this year draws nearer to an end, it would appear that 2015 has been even better. As usual, the round up features 16 releases that we’ve managed to squeeze into a single collage image in chronological order by date of release. It’s impossible to fit every release in, so apologies if you’re not featured. Do feel free to post links in the comments section below.

Digid – Ganja Leaf / Babylon Fall
Released Oct 2nd

DJ Madd – Rum Punch EP
Released Oct 2nd

Moonstones – FKOFd023
Released Oct 5th

Thelem – We Aint The Same EP
Released Oct 9th

ARtroniks – Illusion / Phasewalk
Released Oct 12th

Sorrow – Qualm / Iscariot
Released Oct 12th

VA – Setting Forth LP
Released Oct 12th

E3 – To The End / El Mahdy Jr. Remix
Released Oct 13th

Ipman – Depatterning LP
Released Oct 16th

Sepia – Harp Song / Music Box
Released Oct 16th

Headhunter – Parallels / Stand Alone
Released Oct 16th

LAS – Jungle Kitchen / Pocosink // Commodo Remix
Released Oct 23rd

Tremble – We Nuh Care / Vex Fi Dat
Released Oct 23rd

Dubdadda – Got To Be A Warrior (Radikal Guru Remix) / Give Dub (Zion Train Remix)
Released Oct 23rd

Bunzero – King Lion / Kahn Remix
Released Oct 30th

AxH – Numbskull EP
Released Oct 30th

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