Loefah’s “Root” / “The Goat Stare” is 10 years old

Another classic to celebrate its 10 year existence, “Goat Stare” by Loefah, is bass science of the highest order. Probably the ultimate ‘half step’ track, a style that Loefah almost single-handedly pioneered. Taking it’s title from the television series “The Men Who Stare At Goats” – about undercover research and use of bizarre military techniques and weapons – and using a sample from the David Cronenberg film “Scanners”, the track is built on a slow half step rhythm, a huge echoey drum and a giant bassline that’s created so that on a big system it literally ‘scans’ your body, which means you feel it all over. “Root” is more musical, but it’s another slug stepper, thick and heavy like molasses, with a big building modulating bassline, thick miasmic echoey toms and symbols. Not to be listened too whilst operating heavy machinery!

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