EGOLESS shares “Selected Works” 2015

After another stellar year, releasing five records on the likes of Lion Charge, ZamZam Sounds, SYSTEM Music and Scrub A Dub, EGOLESS has once again shared a “Selected Works” care package – this time from 2015 – as a thank you to his fans. EGOLESS wrote, “As promised, I give you the third edition of Selected Works compilations. Free download but I ain’t gonna stop you from chipping in if you wish to. Thanks for sharing this post on your pages or wherever you feel it’s appropriate, it’s been a great year (and it’s not over yet 😉 Respect!”


01. E.D.M. (Electronic Disorder Music)
02. Jazztafari
03. Dub (is my) Vessel
04. Beam Up – No Chains (Egoless dubmix)
05. Sup-A-Sized Dub
06. Third World’s Dub
07. New Dub Order
08. Seahorse – Flutah (Egoless dubmix)
09. 36 °C (Intermezzo)
10. This World of Mine
11. Song about Life

Make sure to check out his equally impressive “Selected Works” 2012 – 2014 and “Selected Works” 2009 – 2012

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