Drew’s Theory – Keep In Mind / Stay the Same [MWMV001]

MWM Recordings have dedicated a whole 8 years to the Dutch dubstep scene, having put out early releases for artists such as Dubbacle, Maes or Dalek One to name a few. Their consequent sound and expanding catalogue has been brought to attention with new shape, celebrating on release exclusive to 180 grams of 12″ wax . Both artwork and music belongs to Drew’s Theory (Theory Label Art), who continues with his soft style that brings about melodic hip hop influences into dub. Known through Version Collective and The Hi Fi Lo Fi Connection, he particularly showcases layering warmth and silky percussion.

Inside “Keep In Mind” everything has it’s place and time; the top is gently decorated by soft variety of percussions, lower range oscillates steadily with thick, but not too heavy bass, while wide, soft pads fill out the body of the track with sporadic feathery, phasing vocals in the upper layers. Nothing here is overcomplicated or exhausting, the pace is regular and relaxing, complemented with extra amounts of soothing white noise. The continuation of A-side serves us a saturated crackling remix by duo Congi. From the start they enrich the track with new dimensions, expanding sounds with huge reverbs, while doubling the rate of the rhythm. Their signature garage-like drum beat stirs the peaceful sounds of the original, forcing them into evolution throughout the piece. If “Keep In Mind” hasn’t reminded you of Deep Heads yet, it’s rework is definitely the finest example of their picturesque sound.

The third track sees us return to Drew’s Theory and his balanced elements, this time mixed up with pads that resemble reggae style combined with stronger, dissonant bass. “Stay The Same” is followed with a more laid back remix constructed by the label’s main head – M.A.W. This version smoothens the character of original by moving bass and vocal into a lower range, as well as adding the harmonies more integrity. The looping pads respond well to flutes and shakers rolling final bars of the track into deep, mesmerising creation.

MWMV001 is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno and Intense Records.

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