Von D, Mizz Beats & Mr Lager – Reflektion Tapes 001 [RTAPES001]

New label Reflektion Tapes arrive with their debut vinyl release and it’s not one to be missed. The London / Manchester based imprint is run by a team with a very passionate mindset and a focus on the future, so one can only wonder what is to follow.  Headlined by Von D – who has really caught some traction as of late with a string of quality releases on labels like Kaliphonic and Scrub-A-Dub – Reflektion Tapes 001 carries this momentum with two quality collaborations with Mizz Beats and Mr. Lager.

The A-side is a lush sounding track from Von D and Mizz Beats which beckons for the spring to come. A nice long intro morphs into a beat that really makes anything you do more relaxed. The B-side on the other hand, is a more dancefloor based number composed by Von D alongside Mr. Lager. Although it lurks more in the darkness than its flip counterpart, it still maintains the vibe from the A-side creating a pleasant atmosphere and solid all round record.

Reflektion Tapes 001 is released February 17th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peace and Juno.

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