Dubbacle – Amsterdam Madness / VGB – XXIII [MZK002]

Following last year’s Stigma by Lyeform, which launched the label with a grimey cut backed by a TMSV remix, Belgian imprint Mo:zaïek Music makes a profound return with another two-tracker that sees the label veering into dubstep territory. Enlisting Dutch producers Dubbacle and VGB, who both made promising debuts on FatKidOnFire two years ago, MZK002 confirms the talent that emanates from the label roster.

Opening track “Amsterdam Madness”, by Boskoop-based Dubbacle, is a traditional, but effective wobbler, overlaying sounds to plunge the listener in its atmosphere. The introduction starts things off with echoed, filtered leads and hints of dub sirens, sketching an occult, cavernous ambiance, which is then reinforced by the steady drums that take root after the drop, as well as an intimidating bassline, intertwined with the track’s signature wobbles. Ascetic yet sharp, “Amsterdam Madness” progresses slowly, allowing each sound to come to the forefront before fading into subtle walls of echoes.

On a similar tip, VGB’s “XXIII” rests on rapid sub bass, on which the artist grafts, in succession, new percussive elements, densifying its patterns to heighten the track’s intensity. “XXIII” descends into new depths as more sounds come through the mix, with melodic chords adding to the character of the track with an esoteric twist.

Mo:zaïek proves once again that they are a force to be reckoned with, with another EP that keeps things interesting throughout. Treading on dubstep without losing the spirit that guided its first EP, Mo:zaïek occupies its own sound space, with radiates through its releases, beyond the shifts in terms of genre or atmosphere.

MZK002 is out now and available from Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Deejay and Intense Records.

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