Leon Switch – Staying Human EP [DDD011]

Chieftain in constructing atmospheres that flawlessly match the depth of the sub-bass melodies that weigh down the effortlessly fluid grooves atop, Leon Switch presents his latest EP with the unfaltering force that is Deep Dark and Dangerous. “Staying Human”, brimming with the distinct and entrancing qualities that have grown themselves into a sound of their own as the London based producer delivers time after time, finds itself a foolproof fit into the emotional webbing that defines the exports surfacing through the label.

With the title track setting the stage for an undeniably sentimental compilation that screams from underneath with certain poignancy that can only be felt, “Staying Human” channels an imaginary yet perhaps not so distant reality. Dreamlike sirens foreshadow a dark future as it drops into whirling growls and blunt percussion that keeps our senses alert, until we again fall into the grips of a hazy sonic rendition of a time past. “OMW” introduces itself as a merciless and precisely punctuated offering, producing a sanctified image through isolated tone and minimal yet effective beat that cleanses the palate and lights a clear way through lesser lit paths.

Following closely, “Silhouette”, an elegant collaboration between Switch and label founders, Truth, boasts an expertly merged design, showcasing each artists unprecedented stylistic approaches to the art, accentuated by the consistently gripping vocal and poetic talents of Lelijveld. Almost a sister song and most definitely a continuation, “Xeno” subtly lowers our conscious state back to the perilous task at hand. Punchy mids strike through a low-laying atmosphere and crisp top cuts, answering a calling and taking full action toward a final destination. Elaborate, yet refined and exhibiting the enduring sound that has made Leon Switch a revered artist within the world of deep bass music and beyond, “Staying Human” gratifyingly tames our unquenchable thirst for innovative dubstep.

Staying Human is out now and available from Beatport, Juno Download and the Deep Dark & Dangerous Store. Listen to Leon Switch’s DDD Mix here.

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