Digid & Dubbing Sun w/ Egoless Remix – Rainbow Dub EP [ALBION003]

Originally founded in the UK, Albion Collective has come up from a small group of music enthusiasts sharing mixtapes, to an independent record label pushing quality releases from the likes of Vaun, Jafu, Taiko and J.Sparrow.Β ALBION003 takes it back to the foundation stacked with four Digid tracks in collaboration with Dubbing Sun and Egoless. From Belgium to Austria to Croatia, if roots vibrations are your sound, look no further.

“Rainbow Dub” and “Come Dung” on the A-side feature solo productions from Digid – inna proper 21st century dub style! Both tracks resonate a signature synth intro that is very distinct to the sounds of Jeroen. With A1 being a personal favourite – built to rough up any sound system. Absolutely militant!

The B-side features two tracks titled “Dread Come Again” in collaboration with Digid and Dubbing Sun; with B2 getting the remix treatment from Egoless. Heavy horns and off beat guitar skanks give B1 an uplifting mood. Can’t forget the remix with Egoless which uses similar instruments and beat structure that produce a wobble reminiscent of tracks like “Bubble Beat” or “Like a Nuclear Bomb”.

ALBION003 is out August 11th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Intense Records and the Albion Collective Store.

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