Started in May 2010 by Alastair with guest contributions from Sageon and Brett, TRUSIK began as a small online blog devoted to dubstep and sound system music. Since then, TRUSIK has developed along side the dubstep scene since “the dungeon sound” days and has tracked and reported on the evolution of dubstep as it entered its teenage years.

As well as running its own mix series, TRUSIK has interviewed and featured a number of established artists including Proxima, Piezo, Perverse, Ben Verse, TMSV, Thelem, Nomine, Von D, Headhunter and Compa, while also covering new talent breaking through such as The Illuminated, Congi, Mikael, Dubtro, Egoless, Foamplate, Oxóssi, Mesck and Tremble.

In-between publishing reviews, running competitions and hosting guest photography pieces, TRUSIK has also contributed Press Releases for a number of flagship labels: Artikal Music, Chestplate, Lion Charge, Gourmet Beats, Innamind and Crucial Recordings.

Having grown into full digital publication, TRUSIK is now run by not only Alastair, but Jake Zeroth as well as Robert Anderson who all share various content and design duties as a team. In late 2015, TRUSIK finally evolved into a full fledge record label. Their first release marked the return of seminal dubstep producer Headhunter after a five year hiatus.

In 2016, the TRUSIK team has brought on more contributors – Aurélien, Chris, Filipe, Isa, Jordan, Laurens, Maximilian, Natalia, and Nathaniel – who all care deeply about the sound and scene. TRUSIK released their second record in October featuring Tremble at the reins.


Founder & Chief Editor:
Alastair Thompson
Executive Editor:
Jake Zeroth
Art Director & Designer:
Robert Anderson


Aurélien Bonvoisin
Brett Francis
Chris Toussaint
Filipe Tesla
Isa Jaward
Jordan Horne
Laurens Driessen
Maximilian Keller
Natalia Mamcarczyk
Nathaniel Chalk



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