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Plant-powered soundsystem wizard. Writer. MC. Musician. Creative. South London. soundcloud.com/assemblist facebook.com/assemblistmusic twitter.com/assemblistmusic .... instagram.com/assemblist


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I live in Paris and got into soundsystem music through dubstep. Though it isn't the only style I'm into, it has remained a central focus in my tastes and DJing since. I'm also editor in chief at French website SeekSickSound and DJ under the name of Background.


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1/6 of the mighty Juan Forté. Recent addition to the Trusik team.

Cleary Locked [Kamer]

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Yo! I created the Lock In Youtube Channel, which I mix for as Kamer. Lock into my radio show on Codesouth every Wednesday 00:00 - 02:00 to hear my reviews in the mix. Check my articles over on Japan Nakama, Juan Forte and Goat Shed too. Still bored? Read my poetry and buy me pie.

George DC

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North London via Bristol, and Trusik writer since 2017. Underwhelming DJ and producer, outstanding sarcast.


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Son of the legendary Dutch experimental artist Allard Krijger/FRAKnoise, Hajo Jaromir Krijger has taken it upon him to carry the unbearable weight of his fathers legacy; exposing people to concepts that are different.


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Admin and Marketing Assistant at Wogan Coffee, Writer for Bristol Live and TRUSIK and Editor for Tribe Media. I also help to run Revinyl Sessions; an open deck, multi genre night for people with an appreciation of vinyl.


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Party planner, DJ & vinyl enthusiast from London currently living in Taipei. https://soundcloud.com/strikewitches


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Writer and musician from London; lover of 140, hip-hop, classical and jazz. I joined the TRUSIK team in April 2016, and also write for The Observer, TimeOut, Resident Advisor, BRICK and Hyponik. Twitter: @isajaward ^_^


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Writer at Trusik and Ticketarena. DJ in the UK and China. Producer in my living room and bedroom.


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Creator through many mediums, found indulging in heavy bass cocktails and laughing at nothing.


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Canada based DJ and head at Sub Chakra


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JayZer0 has been with TRUSIK since 2013. Contributing lengthy reviews and other executive decisions that have made TRUSIK one of the go-to blogs for all things dubstep. He has seen the blog grow and in turn so has he. When he isn’t writing, he is formidable selector in his own right, weaving everything from noise to Chicago footwork. He also enjoys reading pulp noir, sampling the local micro-brew, and pondering futurist thinking.


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With his roots firmly planted in 140, Laurens has never strayed away from his passion for underground music. Keeping with this passion for dark and moody sound system music, he has been exploring the more autonomic versions of the sound. Such as the 170 movement and the more ambient soundscapes associated with cinema.


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I'm a 24 year old Dutch producer and DJ. First came into contact with bass music around 15 years old. Starting as a DnB head until the first waves of the UK dubstep started crossing the canal. Now deeply submerged in the wavy waters that is underground music I try to find my way among the emerging styles within styles that make up the scene, finding new interesting songs around every corner and constantly redefining my own ideas of what a genre can be.


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A dutch based lover for music with lower frequencies. Joined Trusik in 2016.


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Immersed in the Bristol dubstep and sound system scene, Walya is an emerging producer and engineer. Partial to crossing styles and breaking genre boundaries, she works on her own material and curates Insomniac Disco. A vinyl and rig enthusiast, monthly resident at 10Twenty Radio, writer for Trusik & Signalfire.


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I got into Dubstep in 2009/10 and was immediately drawn to the darker, more minimal side of the genre. I started producing dubstep in 2010 and have strong dub and hip-hop influences in my music. I'm a big collector of records, and when I'm not in the record shop I love to sample new craft ales.

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