Silkie and Quest announce Antisocial Records

After a five year hiatus, Antisocial Entertainment is finally back in the spotlight as Silkie and Quest announce the launch of Antisocial Records. For those who aren’t familiar, this legendary super group once consisted of Kromestar, Silkie, Quest, Jay5ive, G Double, Heny.G, Razor Rekta, Harry Craze, Mizz Beats, Unorthadox, Crossova and even Vivek. Although heavyweights... Continue Reading →

October Release Round Up

It's been a while since we've done one of these, and I couldn't help but notice the decent amount of records that have / will hit our shelves this month. To be honest, I thought we were spoilt with the amount of quality music released last year, but as this year draws nearer to an... Continue Reading →

Pre-order: Youngstar – Pulse X EP

"White Peach, have done did it, seemingly out of the blue, here they come with this reissue of a seminal classic – proper blueprint grime from Youngstar… This is the original Pulse X, grime music’s answer to the use of the classic 808 sound. A true London classic, an essential piece of UK underground history.... Continue Reading →

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