Headhunter – Parallels・Stand Alone Out Now

Headhunter – Parallels • Stand Alone is officially out on vinyl and digital formats.

A big thank you to our readers and followers who have played, supported and bought the record so far. This has been by far one of the most enjoyable projects we’ve worked on since our launch in 2010. Thank you Tony for believing in us and trusting us with your music. Rob for the relentless hours designing all the stunning graphics and artwork. Jake for being a brilliant sidekick and advising me every step of the way. Mat, Chris, Jon and the rest of the team at Unearthed Sounds, Well Tempered and Railbird Digital for being incredibly professional and helping us get Trusik Recordings off the ground. I really can’t thank you enough. And of course the legendary Beau at Ten Eight Seven Mastering for blessing our tracks with your golden touch. Thank you.


Unearthed – http://goo.gl/iVMUU1
Redeye – http://goo.gl/vSksyO
White Peach – http://goo.gl/Gwn3XS
Boomkat – https://goo.gl/I8gy4z
Intense – http://goo.gl/4pjGCX
Juno – http://goo.gl/ubIrwk
Bleep – https://goo.gl/t6DjEe
Norman – https://goo.gl/36C8yr
Eastern Bloc – http://goo.gl/gqtQAR
Deejay – http://goo.gl/Z9iBcD
Jungle Exotica – http://goo.gl/6y3A0X
Disco Più – http://goo.gl/seGPq3


Juno Download – http://goo.gl/2Y1vXo
Boomkat – https://goo.gl/I8gy4z
Beatport – https://goo.gl/qbE7gE
iTunes – https://goo.gl/652fb4
Google Play – https://goo.gl/E2dc1D
HMV Digital – https://goo.gl/gXIG1a
7Digital – https://goo.gl/6dps0B