Headland – Tapescho / Midnight Drive [UNITY001]

It seems like each month brings a fresh crop of labels to the dubstep family. The state of the community is strong indeed and joining the movement this November with intent and heart comes Unity Through Sound, a vinyl-only outfit headed by Sound Unknown. Freshly signed Headland unleashes two hard-hitting sonic devices under the name of Tapescho and Midnight Drive. Taking territory fast, with recent releases on FatKidOnFire and Well Rounded Dubs, the New Zealander defies conventions crafting sounds at once innovative and nostalgic. With well spaced elements and a frantic pace, managing to both soothe and excite the mind, I can only conclude that these tracks have some sort of built in schiz-o-matic capabilities yet unknown to mainstream medical science.

The A-side flagship tune “Tapescho” starts out unassuming but quickly becomes full of dark and distorted features, taken over by what one can only describe as madness in musical form. True to sound system music rooted in industrial grade subsonic foundations, deriving physical pleasure from the resonating bass line and letting through just the necessary few elements built so tightly together it feels like a parade of demon clowns. If you listen closely it’s all crafted with clever smoke and mirrors techniques true to dub engineering tradition.

The flip side brings “Midnight Drive”, a less in-our-face affair, although similarly built in principle and philosophy. Like a younger, better-behaved sibling, allowed for the first time to the dance. A bit unsure of it’s place, but nevertheless moving with the crowd as one, feeling right and sounding right. Decidedly shyer, but with all the parts in place, it can be a nice alternative to blend into those chillier sessions.

UNITY001 is released November 4th and available from the Unity Through Sound Bandcamp Store.

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