Download: Kahn – Way Mi Defend (Sound Unknown Version)

I first heard Way Mi Defend by Kahn in 2011 when it was dropped on Box Clever which was a favourite label of mine as I’ve always preferred 10″ records to 12″s. I remember hearing Kahn dropping it at SYSTEM at the dome in London and it sounded mental on the rig, it was the first time I’d heard it drop on a big system. It struck me how much space there was in the track and with that vocal ‘Dub’ echoing through the track every couple of bars just made it so effective. It drops, it goes off… every time and it’s this tune that proved music doesn’t have to be jam packed to make an impact. Few years later I felt I wanted to come with my own version which was primarily only meant for dubplate for myself and a few others. After posting it up on Soundcloud it received a lot of appreciation, and I also heard that it recently got dropped at Outlook, which is overwhelming. That has turned my attention to a creating an alternative to my original version titled “Version 2”. I got talking to Eddy “Seven” about a few coming releases on his label Uprise Audio, then I found out he was doing mastering himself, so I decided to approach him about the Way Mi Defend Version, he walked me through getting a clean premaster and wide dynamics. So big ups to Ed at 7M for knocking out a nice clean master. I can say it sounds nice on the sound system.

– Sound Unknown

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