Mala teases trailer for new album Mirrors

There’s been rumours of a new Mala album in the works ever since Gilles Peterson revealed in an article for Electronic Beats early last year that he had finished recording new material in Peru. Mala then confirmed the news himself, while giving a lecture in the Knowledge Arena at Dimensions Festival, that he had been working in a state of the art mixing studio in Luxembourg finishing a new project. The final tease came in January when Gilles shared a photo on Instagram of a test press record with the words ‘Mala’ and ‘Mirrors’. Naturally the underground dubstep community blew up setting in motion the usual hype around a Mala release. Unofficially referred to as “Mala in Peru”, forums and Reddit threads buzzed with anticipation for new information or the sly chance of a radio soundbite, but to no avail.

That is until today, when Gilles and Mala shared a short teaser trailer of a musician playing the bongos and other assorted percussion with the words Mala and Mirrors. Gilles has confirmed that it is indeed the title for Mala’s new album, which is now finished and ready for release. This is exciting news for Mala’s loyal fans and followers and the underground dubstep community as a whole. Given the huge success of his well documented debut album “Mala in Cuba”, I’m sure Mala will produce nothing short of another classic fusing once again soundsystem culture with traditional melodies and instruments of world music.


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