Markee Ledge x Youngsta – Terror / Industrial [ARTKL027]

When Youngsta drops a record it’s never a joke. With sparse percussion, paranoid atmospheres and tectonic sub movements, his records are a reflection of what dubstep has always been; space and bass. When Youngsta teams ups with Markee Ledge, the results are going be good, but when Yunx and Markee Ledge drop on J:Kenzo’s supreme Artikal label, its a no brainer that you’ll be delivered dubstep of the purest calibre. Its simple really and you’d be remiss if you passed on bagging this.

“The racist police agencies throughout the country are intensifying the terror”. Here in the States it’s not just a “dark” sample to add flavour, but a real threat; from ICE agents beholden to a federal government devoted to get the “illegals” out, when black men and women are beaten and killed in the streets for minor infractions, to militia groups now being able to serve as private security for politicians, and the casual everyday racism that has reemerged from out under the sink. The closest that have hit home have been the Jewish Community center near me with was evacuated due to a bomb threat and the other was at a local high school where some students when around shouting “white power” weeks before Trump was inaugurated, its hard to dance to this. With its gaseous atmospheres that seep into your pores, triplet hi-hats, and a blaring wob, “Terror” feels like a funerary march towards the end of a cliff. But if an impending dread urges you to tarantism, its better to shake out your demons than not.

“Industrial” is equally abysmal (in a not-backhand way) heaving with electro-static discharge and an amen break ripped from a dusty jungle tape before plowing into a crawling and surprisingly meditative behemoth. An almost Sunn 0))) barrage of low end frequencies slowly encase and you begin to feel warm, yet its a thick film of oily grit and corrosive battery acid that gives off a black mold smell in your throat. “Industrial” a slow grower for me and like most Yunx productions is spartan affair designed only for the biggest sound systems. While “Terror” may be the scene stealer for most, play out “Industrial” on big rig and you’ll get the idea.

ARTKL027 is released August 4th and available from the Artikal Bandcamp Store.

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