Mesck – Doomsayer EP


The long awaited third release from TRUSIK Recordings welcomes Chestplate and Crucial Recordings artist Mesck into the TRUSIK fold. This time it felt appropriate that the breadth of Mesck’s work be highlighted for full display. The Doomsayer EP features three original tunes, a collaboration with up and coming producer Kālī, and original artwork from Mesck himself for the release. Across the length of the Doomsayer EP, the now Colorado based artist showcases his hyper detailed and neon-lit take on dubstep as the soundtrack for the end times.

“Doomsayer” leads us towards the road to hell, the unwashed flagellants of LA clogging the streets with something malignant as the hills of Ventura County burn to cinder and ash. “Psychodrama” coaxes the tendrils from an awful nebula, breaking the smog-encrusted skyline – its squirming melody burrowing itself further into the mind in an effort to agitate psychotic behavior.

As the melody of “Psychodrama” disjoins the barrier between rationality and insanity, “Ill Behavior” sees the whole of Los Angeles lose themselves into a frenzied and wanton rage. The gnashing of teeth, the pulling of hair, the gouging of eyes and the boiling of skin as the Kali Yuga consummates. As the City of Angels takes its final gasps, “Pills & Chains” shepherds the wretched survivors across the highways choked with burned-out car hulks towards the sulfuric gate.

A1 _ Doomsayer
A2 _ Psychodrama
B1 _ Ill Behavior (feat. Kālī)
B2 _ Pills & Chains

Doomsayer is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Intense Records and all digital stores.

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