Press Release: Moonstones – Mutations EP [GB003]

GourmetBeats is back with another helping of big belly bass, this time from the Dutch trio MOONSTONES and backed by US rising star Malleus on remix duties. As per, proceeds from GB003 will be donated to the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, providing research support as well as educational and clinical programs for diabetic children. As GB002 before it, those who cop the digital are treated to two extra dollops from both artists respectively.

MOONSTONES gets jazzy with dusty hi-hat work that makes the shoulders wiggle, as a detuned upright bass is thrown in the grinder like Jaco Pastorius met Mala uptown. Weird sonic ephemera permeates the rhythmic spaces and pivots – all slowed down, warped and feed through a broken spring reverb tank that may elicit a hallucinogenic effect. Recalling the early FWD mentality where things didn’t have a name and snares didn’t fall on the three, MOONSTONES crafts a eyes down, hood up number to warm up the speaker-box.

DC stalwart Malleus focuses on what was a blip of a melodic phrase in the original, twisting it like a rat-king. The sub frequencies burrow down deeper in the gutter with the filth and the mud, knife in hand and lights flickering. The percs get more spacious and tumbling, as a choice b-horror movie sample is spliced into the DNA to make the dancers worry if they’ve been infected too.

If you bagged digitally, Malleus and Moonstones deliver “Sleepwalker” and “Prosopopee” respectively. “Sleepwalker” is all pneumatic subs, eerie graveyard flutes and snappy snares, meanwhile “Prosopopee” is delightfully deranged with its kung-fu samples, Radiophonic arpeggios, and galloping sub weight. Watch the second drop folks!

GB003 is available to pre-order from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye and White Peach Records.

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