Press Release: Sepia – Music Box EP [GB002]

Hot off the heels of DJG’s Swazi Rhythm / Drumma, Joe Nice’s GourmetBeats label follows up with another serving from Bristol based artist Sepia. GourmetBeats002 features “Music Box” and “Harp Song” and those who cop the digital will get “Glisten VIP”. Like GourmetBeats001, Sepia’s music has been rinsed and battered on Joe’s Sub.FM radio show as well as his stateside and international shows. With melancholic melodies, staggered percussion and appropriately weighty low-end, GourmetBeats002 is another strong release from the burgeoning label.

Up first is the aptly titled “Music Box” which is framed around a saccharine yet heartbroken arpeggiated music box melody as thin, field-recorded percussion stumble drunkenly. Underneath the pensive melodic and rhythmic skeleton, the bassline hyperventilates and musingly staggers home in the rain. On the flip, “Harp Song” takes its cues from the harp, but it gets refracted and reflected into versions and variations of its main theme. “Harp Song” with its sun bleached melody is like an old photograph you find in an old photo album, nostalgic and elegiac, but no less beautiful for the memories it has invoked. Not to get lost with the heart-on-sleeve refrains, the percussion and sub hits harder than the meditative “Music Box” with a forward momentum designed for optimal dance floor catharsis. And for the heads who bag the digital release will get treated to “Glisten VIP”. A system wrecker with some tasteful mid-range snarls and more fractal music box twinklings, and harp accompaniments that have been the over-arcing melodic palate choice for Sepia in GourmetBeats002. Watch out the second drop, you’ve been warned.

With each release, GourmetBeats will contribute financially to a charity or organization of the artist’s choice. Theo’s chosen charity is “The Earl Mountbatten Hospice”, on the Isle of Wight. This facility cared for Theo’s mother until her passing in 2006. Learn more about the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Earl Mountbatten Hospice accepts charitable donations.

GB002 will be available on 12″ vinyl & digital format September 30th.

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