Press Release: Sleeper – Check It / Operator Dub / Too Close [CRUCIAL001]

The first offering of Sleeper’s own Crucial Recordings finds himself lost down some ill-lit alley with a gang of three cyber-noir lurkers possessed with evil intent. First up is ‘Check It’ that’s punctuated with vocal snippets and darkside groans while the hi-hats shuffle to make those shoulders shudder. Deep down in your gut the bass ripples your intestines and makes your ribcage vibrate.

Up next is ‘Operator Dub’ which follows that digital rasta ting that Sleeper’s been mining for a minute. With a plethora of fractured and echoing percs, ‘Operator Dub’ swirls around your head as the bottom frequencies pay homage to Jamaican bass slinger Robbie Shakespeare.

Lastly, ‘Too Close’ flirts with slinky percussion that’ll shimmy your bottom as some demented lounge pianist repeats an eerie leitmotif, while the sub content cuts shapes with offset rhythmic hits. In total, three deadly DJ weapons aimed directly at the dance!

CRUCIAL001 is released March 23rd and is available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, Boomkat and Juno Download.

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