Press Release: Thelem – Grainform / Petrichor // Synthetic Artifacts [ARTKL010]

Artikal Music’s latest forthcoming release marks the tenth in the catalogue. Boasting two monstrous beats from Thelem, this 12’’ vinyl & digital release maintains the high level of production that each of the previous Artikal releases’ individually retain. Thelem is no new face to the dubstep community and sets the mood with two powerful & distinctive tracks, ‘Grainform’ & ‘Petrichor’.

The A-side track ‘Grainform’ possess a shadowy, infernal feeling. The intro ushers an eerie vocal sample, surrounded by thick reverb and dark orchestral atmospheric sounds. The tune is built for the sound system. Immense autonomic kick drums forcefully beat hypnotically, leaving the listener brooding amidst the subtle technicalities lingering in the background. Dark granulated mid ranges push forward as ‘Grainform’ develops into its’ fully consuming militant structure.

‘Petrichor’ builds swiftly into deep, melodic waves of ambient synth undulating amidst a very clean 4×4 kick pattern. Quick synth stabs rapidly ascend and descend in a rhythmic scale that fortifies the groove of the B-side of this release. The atmosphere is tied together with a technical mixture of layered snares, reverb and unique synth work. Thelem has created ‘Petrichor’ with a solid sense of progression and energy. This intellectual take on dubstep boast innovation and originality from start to finish.

ARTKL010 will be released October 18th and is available from the Artikal Music Store.