Press Release: TMSV – Haze / Haze (LX ONE Remix) [ARTKL009]

Following up from Ipman’s kaleidoscopic EP on Artikal Music UK, #009 plunges into the dense sounds of Netherlands based producer TMSV. The A side embarks on a tribalistic excursion into deep, sub driven dubstep. Choice vocal sampling pins this hard hitter as a favourite for all the sensi smokers out there. Distinct percussive elements mark ‘Haze’ with a rampant swing that accentuates the rolling movement in the bass line. Crisp is the key word when thinking about the sounds on the A side. Clean cut sounds stand strong in the composition, leaving the listener craving more of that potent fusion of fresh sampling, hefty bass weight, & ancestral drum elements.

For the B-side of the vinyl release, LX ONE offers up his rendition of ‘Haze’ on a more half-step oriented platform. With that breath-taking bass line and signature LX ONE sound, the remix packs tremendous sub pounding potential. Crafted around the original version, LX ONE picks apart the vibe salvaging his own strain of sound from within. A serious steppa with gritty mids and prevalent ambient detail.

‘Damage’ sits as the digital exclusive for this monstrous EP, boasting a more rigid and aggressive sound. TMSV lays down an militant drum line backed by sinister mid range sounds. Never leaving the atmospheric out of things, this track boasts a fully consuming vibe drawn from dreamy synth notes. Sure to light a fire in the dance, or in your mind, this track (along with the entire EP) is destined to ignite many sound systems this summer and into the future.

ARTKL009 will be released August 12th and is available to pre-order from the Artikal Music Store.