Review: Deafblind – Do Unto Others / Lucky Escape [BDMUP002]

An insurgence of new record labels are being seen amidst the global dubstep culture. Badimup Records, a UK based label has been quick to pick up Deafblind for their second release, BDMUP002. Based in Texas, USA, and originally from the UK, Deafblind is set to make moves in 2013. His engineering on the EP retains a unique and weighted sound.

“Do Onto Others” maintains a unique and omnipresent atmosphere from the first phrase. Not lacking in sub pressure, the granulated bass tones attack the sound system alongside an arsenal of melodic pads. A subtle vocal sample echoes into the drop as it decays over the rolling kicks and balanced hits of the percussion. The flow of the bass weight gives a undulating groove through out the tune, with a subtle accent from a flat mid range tone. The snares radiate of well-articulated, crisp sound. The hit of the snare accompanied by layers of different frequencies along the single hit. This creates a concise and unique snare, which distinguishes the tune on the blend in the mix. The attention to detail in regards to engineering across both tunes is notable.

On “Lucky Escape”, thick synth lines penetrate the speaker box, accompanied by a hallowing bass line that merely teases the ears of the listener. Just shy of one minute, the kick drums roll out into the drop with precision accuracy. A dark and muddy mid range frequency supports the pure sub bass as it flows back and forth across the first 64 bars. A pure dissolution of the melody and drums is the precursor to the breakdown, as it creeps in. Breaking the silence into the second drop, Deafblind creates a solid progression, tying together the tribal hits of the percussion with the menacing pierce of the baseline. The consistent kicks are sure to keep the vibes high in the dance, while the space between the drums, along with the placement of each baseline truly make this tune one with solid replay value. An exciting release from Deafblind & Badimup Records alike, it is sure to give the listener and DJ both something to appreciate. These are two very mixable tunes with solid flow and a definite sense of uniqueness.

BDMUP002 is released October 27th and is available from Juno Download and the Badimup Store.

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