Review: Killawatt – Press On / Tantra [OSMUK026]

“Press On” has been on constant rotation ever since the extended clip was uploaded to Soundcloud. I’ve never been as excited for an Osiris release since OSMUK011. In my mind, it’s Killawatt’s greatest creation to date and cannot wait until its physical form is rolling on the deck.

It’s impossible not to mention the incredible sample that builds up during the 48-bar intro. Normally, intros of this length are boring but the combination of the build up, progression of the various instruments used coupled with the story you’re being told about human’s innate fascination with sound, particularly drums, entices the listener for what comes when that 48th bar concludes.

You’re hit with a flurry of syncopated drums and sporadic sub bass that moves within you, it stirs a want to get in someone’s face for its duration. It lives up to the underlying promise made by the storyteller and exceeds it absolutely.

Press On / Tantra will be available on 4th March. If you’re a vinyl hunter, it’ll be available for pre-order on Surus the week before (22nd February.)

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