Review: Mala – Cuba Electronic / Calle F [BWOOD089]

Mala drops his most unprecedented 12″ to date on the London independent label, Brownswood Recordings. A percussive frenzy infused with brass elements championed by System bass. It’s electronic dance meets club jazz. Mala’s Cuban inspired LP entitled “Mala in Cuba” is due for release September 10th also on Brownswood Recordings. Label owner, Gilles Peterson believes the record to be one that “re-evaluates and re-aligns the dubstep movement within sound system culture”.

Speaking to FACT magazine, Mala shed some light on the project; “I was a little bit unsure about it, to be honest with you. It felt way out of my comfort zone. You must understand – I’m pretty low-key, I do my thing in a particular way, and I’m happy doing things that way, because it’s right for me. But when Gilles approached me it did seem like a serious offer – you know, I’ve had many offers over the years from a vast range of many different people and companies to do all kinds of projects, but usually I shy away them because they don’t feel right. Something about this felt right”.

Cuba Electronic will be released August 6th.

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