Review: Perverse – IO / Aye Aye // Rustic [IFS001]

Infernal Sounds graduates from Youtube channel/blog to full fledged label, signing the Kiwi squad Perverse for their debut release for a three tracker aimed directly for the heads. It’s been a long time coming for Infernal Sounds and we at TRUSIK wish them a bright future!

“IO” is clear and undiluted with its percussion. Its tasteful midrange aptly aggressive, though just a tad regressive, harkening back to that old 2012 dungeon sound. Which depending on whom you speak to is a either a good thing or a bad thing, dear readers can decide for themselves what’s what.

While the A-side “feels” like a bit of a retread, B-side “Aye Aye” is the stand-out with its pots and pans percs, tension-filled strings, and slinking gutter bass. “Aye Aye” hobbles along, leaving a trail of bodies behind. Commodo-eqsue jazz piano stabs splash a bit of color to the monochromatics of “Aye Aye”. While the pots and pans percussion and jazzy stabs are nice, the second half of the track morphs into a different Lovecraftian horror with a bongo break down that gallops into a full bore steppa. The sub becomes pneumatic and the hi-hats switch to techno flourishes. Deadly stuff when deployed properly!

For the kiddies who bought the digi, they’ll get treated with the dnb tune “Rustic”. Perhaps my favorite track outta the lot (if you include the digital). With tentacles of multiple colors surrounding the entire construction, “Rustic” exudes radiance and energy with filtered synth washes, vocal loops, and sun-kissed trumpet flecks. Mercurial bedlam and a bouncing bass keep things moving as a building arpeggio touches the roof of heaven until “Rustic” tumbles back to earth with a total submersion Rothko-like immersions of color.

IFS001 will be released January 22nd and is now available to pre-order from Infernal Sounds’ Bandcamp, Unearthed, Redeye and White Peach Records.

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