Review: Quest – Visitors / Dubfoot [MEDI073]

Anti-Social Entertainment’s Quest marks his fifth release on Mala’s insta-bag label Deep Medi Musik with Visitor / Dubfoot. While not as melodic as his partner-in-crime Silkie, Quest’s new offering continues Deep Medi’s classicist vision of dubstep as both tracks are proper examples of how dubstep should be done in 2013.

“Visitor” adds a touch of paranoia to the dance as microtonal drones swirl the sound-field. A small child’s portent issues forth out from the aether “…from another planet far out in space…” as a system shaking steppas riddim cracks the void. Small touches of an ethereal melody emerge from the chaos caused by the weighty 4×4. Flecks of percussion, ranging from tinkling star-like hi-hat patterns to skank-inducing nyabinghi flourishes, appear as the “Visitor” hurtles closer and closer towards Earth. Suddenly everything stops, leaving only the menacing sub-bass line to propel the dancers closer to their apex. The star-worshipping dancers terpsichore climaxes as the percussive elements from earlier in the song discharge once more, signaling that the Visitor “far out in space” has landed to Earth.

On the flip, “Dubfoot” is more lean as both the varied percussion and the zen-like repetitious bass-line hollows out a lumbering heads down roller. Huge, thunderous claps echo..echo..echo..out into dub-space as the dense web of percussion enfolds you, until a Goth Trad-like synth blossoms into a melancholic, neon-drenched vista that calls to mind the great world city of Tokyo at night.

MEDI073 is available from the official Deep Medi Store.

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