Review: Sub Basics – Vapour / Orbit / Elixir [VV002]

Sub Basics quietly delivers us a batch of encompassing spiritual sub meditations for the second outing for new label Visceral Vibrations. Each warm and inviting as a smile with enough sub-weight to blow out a cone on the Tsunami sound system and atmospherics that will elicit introspective moments in the dance where people are no longer people, but unconscious movement and vibration.

‘Vapour’ starts off with a sublime jamaican b-line with talon-like hi-hats and oneiric atmospheres that reach into the ever increasing, infinite blue of a halogen lamp. Soft, star twinkling keys streak themselves across the wash of tangible lust and sinister aphrodisia. It’s the warm embrace of the sub and the upper frequencies that encircle you which lead to some sort of mystic absorption within ‘Vapour’.

As the fulfillment of ego-death is complete within ‘Vapour’, ‘Orbit’ follows the soul through the tunnel of angelic light and past the various stages of various heavens. White and pink noise mimic the sense of light while a plodding sub pulse mimics the sound of feet trodding, but with the physical no more, the soul can only float into divine and it’s multi-speckled host of seraphs and cherubim chirp and purl in languages before the time of Babel.

The umbra of yourself reaches past moksha and into something beyond, ‘Elixir’ quivers like atoms in arpeggiated sequences that mimic the double helix structure of DNA. Is this something beyond the circle of rebirth? But you are not you now – something else, somebody else. The sound of muffled voices can be heard while blazon spheres enter the spinal cavities where the chakras would rest and what it is you will become is built from the ground up in front of your eyes, if you had eyes to see.

VV002 is out now and available from the Visceral Vibrations Store.

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