SkintDisco – Uno Bish EP


Release Date
19th April 2019
Silent Motion Records

Join humanity on the frontline of alien warfare. SkintDisco is leading the assault on otherworldly infiltrators alongside a powerful chain of command: FLO, Cartridge, Glume and Phossa. Appreciating the epic scale that deep dubstep can bring, Silent Motion Records is the perfect place for ‘Uno Bish’ to land.

Bells are the motif; ringing and swinging across each track, their melodies collide with distant-siren-synths to form a 90’s sci-fi plateaux where the X-Files theme reigns supreme. Rather than face-scrunching moodiness, Uno Bish surges upwards with fight-or-flight hooks. Beneath these rumble the tank-wheels of inhuman industry; the bassline is steady across each track, letting white noise bring dynamism to its sturdiness. Whilst the bell motif has been explored throughout the album, it is done so a little too similarly. This means that the most well-defined representations (‘Uno Bish’ and ‘Bris’) eclipse the others, because there’s not enough to set them apart.

‘Uno Bish’ brings the trippy shit right here, bells reversing in and out of focus and vocals decaying into pitch-dipping delay. In their remix, Glume & Phossa direct the attention to the percussive landscape, eking out the track’s rhythmic variety and adding an arpeggiated, digital twist. Following a similar formula, ‘Debts’ edges further towards sci-fi themes, with a glisten of ‘Empire of Dirt’ tied into the intro violins. While Cartridge’s remix takes a somewhat trodden trap route, it crafts originality by emphasising some of the tricky melodic fills that sit quietly at the end of each bar in the original mix.

Chugging along on Slipknot’s war wheels, the (SNES-era) Doom-esque bassline of ‘Stella’ steers away from the flat-line bass notes that feature across the album. ‘Bris’ orchestrates the war between earth and space reaching its peak. Breaching earth’s hyper-defence shield, the gargantuan mothership comes into view through the purple and green milky way just as the song drops and the hook flies asunder, lasers flickering neon lightning (Emalkay’s ‘When I Look At You’ somewhere over the horizon). Finally, FLO jumps on board to magnify the scale of the alien invasion and focus on the abandoned bunkers beneath the earth’s surface rather than the full-scale war raging above.

Across the sky-high spotlights of this purple and green EP, a struggle is illustrated. Each song succeeds in raising the temperature to war-degree, frontline motivations heightened. Of these, ‘Bris’, ‘Uno Bish’, and the latter’s remix take it furthest. With ‘The Pipe‘ and now ‘Uno Bish’ fastening his space-helmet tight, what interplanetary expedition will SkintDisco document next?

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