Swing Ting: 10 Years Of Outlook Festival Special

Ila Brugal has a chat with Samrai, Platt and Fox ahead of Swing Ting’s first performance at Outlook Festival.

A Manchester-based crew including; four DJs, three producers and an MC, united by a love of sound system and street sounds. Swing Ting began as a specialist radio show hosted by Samrai & Platt before becoming a party in December 2008. Since then, the dances have moved to arguably the UK’s finest club venue, Soup Kitchen, where they take place every 3rd Saturday of the month. During 2012, residents MC Fox, Murlo and Joey B joined the fold.

First of all, tell us a bit about you guys. What made you decide to create Swing Ting? How did you come up with the name?

Samrai: At the time there wasn’t really a club night that was playing the mix of music we were into so we decided to start the party. The name was to do with playing music with Swing (nothing stiff!) so swung garage, hip hop, dancehall but theses days this could be applied afro-swing and even nod back to the swing beat street soul sound.

Platt: I think we just realised that our sound wasn’t really represented in Manchester, once we played a few gigs together we saw potential to grow it into a regular thing.

Fox: Samrai and Platt created Swing Ting and it had been running for a while before I got involved. I was part of the estate recordings family but I was always seeking other scenes to get involved with especially as I get bored easily. That was a good 7/8 years ago now. Joey B also joined after the demise of Hotmilk. Shit evolved and vibes were built.


This is going to be your first time at Outlook Festival, what can we expect to hear from you?

Samrai: A mix of the styles we like to represent on radio and in the club, as well as hearing from artists and selectors we’re affiliated with, sprinkled with sounds we’re feeling currently!

Platt: We’re definitely going to be getting in the party mood. Playing in the sunshine is so different to playing in the club, I think all the artists are preparing sets that are specially adjusted to the Croatian weather.

Fox, you have performed at Outlook many times and alongside different artists. Which year would you say was the craziest so far?

Fox: I think I’ve performed at Outlook Festival about 4/5 times. I have to say last year was definitely my most enjoyable. Looking forward to be alongside Swing Ting for the first time this year.


You are definitely a Master of Ceremony and certainly broken the mould for the UK MC – you are renowned for incorporating a huge mix of genres into your sound. What were your influences?

Fox: Thats definitely a kind thing to say but also quite subjective so I don’t really know about that. My return question would be “which Mould”?? I see and hear some versatile UK mc’s. As for influence I’d say life. You might think that’s a cop out answer but it’s not, it’s just as simple as I can make it without writing a book of all my influences… and it would be a book.

Is there anyone else on the line-up you want to catch? Any artist that you know about that you think we should check out?

Samrai: I’m looking forward to checking the Príncipe records crew, Kojo Funds, Randall, Anna Morgan, IAMDDB as well as our family Equiknoxx, Murlo & Madd Again!

Platt: Way too many to mention everyone, but Kenny Allstar, TQD and Amy Becker’s set on our boat party are gonna be highlights for sure.

Fox: Woi, what a list that would be!!!


Where can we catch you guys performing this year at Outlook Festival?

Samrai: We have a boat party on Friday 8th September (12:00 – 15:00) and we have a Swing Ting Beach Stage on Saturday 9th September which should be super fun. Both should be great but particularly excited about the boat party as I’ve heard these are amazing!

↓ Catch Swing Ting at the following boat and beach parties at Outlook ↓


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📷: Ila Brugal

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