TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 007 with CITY1

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The seventh transmission features new music from Pugilist, Imajika, Repulsion and Helktram sandwiched in-between D1 classics, oldskool Tempa, Al Wootton and more. Meanwhile, ahead of our forthcoming record with CITY1, we had him record a guest mix of some of his current favourites and unreleased music.



Imajika – Are You Worried? [dub]
DJG – Avoid the Noid [Headhunter RMX] [red003]
Pugilist – Kundalini [dub]
Al Wootton – Omega [THULE002]
Pugilist – Silkworm [dub]
Al Wootton – Untitled [THULE002]
TRG – Harajuku [TEMPA036]
D1 – Quantum Jazz [TEMPA025]
Headhunter – Entity [TEMPA027]
D1 – Foundation [TEMPA025]
D1 – Malfunction [TEMPA025]
Helktram – Insecure [dub]
Kryptic Minds – The Divide [OSMUK023]
Amit – Acid Trip [TEMPA073]


CITY1 – Zee [Forthcoming Subaltern Records]
CITY1 – Cosmic Chant [Forthcoming TRSK007]
Glume & Phossa – IMHK [Forthcoming Subaltern Records]
CITY1 – Speak Out (feat. Rider Shafique) [Forthcoming Subaltern Records]
DubApe – 12 [Circle Vision]
Distinct Motive – Orchid Dub [New World Audio]
BunZer0 – Loyalty – [Forthcoming Duploc]
Helktram – Mineral – [Forthcoming]
CITY1 – Bega [Forthcoming TRSK007]
Mrshl – The Crown (feat. Grim Sickers) [Subaltern Records]
CITY1 – Giza [dub]
Flowdan – Horror Show Style (DADDY VEDA Remix) [dub]
CITY1 – Pomboo [Forthcoming]
Karnage – Oblitus [dub]
CITY1 – Siri Dub [GB021]
Karnage & Cam Lasky – Downtown [KWAIOTO Records]
Zygos × Teffa – Direkt [TRSK006]
ish10 yow1r0 – Untitled [dub]
Ceiva – Hate Us (Don’t) (feat. Samba) [dub]
Helktram – Suggestive Effect [Forthcoming]
CITY1 – Buluu [Forthcoming TRSK007]


DubDiggerz – Spear Dub [PLANTPOWER002]
Repulsion – Lose Everything [dub]
Zygos – Sudd [DPRTNDRP RMX] [CLV003]
J:Kenzo – Shijima’s Revenge [Forthcoming IFS015]
Zygos – Tapered [CLV003]
Deleted Scenes – Insides Hurt [dub]
Zygos – Shivering [RARE2]
Trisicloplox – Kage Onna [Forthcoming GB022]
G36 – No Escape [HOTLINE017]
Alter Echo, E3, Ishan Sound, & Rider Shafique – Ah Mi Guide [Egoless RMX] [SCRUB018]
Helktram – Iron Box [dub]
Zygos – Drained [TRSK006]
Repulsion [feat. Dalek One] – Bonecrusher [dub]
Mesck – Fugazi [ENV022]
Karnage – Exorcism [VSCD-0001]
DubDiggerz – Le Hospital [GB010]
Dayzer0 & Karnage – Famfrit [self released]
Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP [OSMUK027EP]
Deadman’s Chest – Westworld [Sam Binary RMX] [LORELTD002]

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