TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 013

Sub FM

Opening with Berlin technoid constructions from Bhed, Monolake and Pole Group associates Selección Natural gives way to classic mid-aughts dubstep from Amit, Cyrus, Mala and other deep medi soldiers while closing out 2019 with TRUSIK label mates Helktram, CITY1, Zygos, and DubDiggerz!

TRACKLIST – Cellular Structures (Ntogn Interpretation) [LKTRV002]
bhed – Girl & Parrot [Hed001]
Berlin Dub Sessions – Untitled B1 [FD04]
Monolake – Titan [ML023]
??? – ???
Selección Natural – Replicant Isolation [POLEGROUP050.2]
Amit – Acid Trip [TEMPA073]
Selección Natural – Necton [POLEGROUP050.2]
Icicle – BNC [SHA055]
SP:MC – Kenshin [TEMPA075]
Cyrus – Decisions [MEDI035]
Foamplate – Tabula [PLANTPOWER001]
RDG & Foamplate – Stone Tusk [dub]
Cyrus – Rupture [CHST019]
Commodo – Dokument [ORG003]
Halcyonic & G Roots (feat. Tenor Steppa) – Holy Dub [LIONCHG022]
SP:MC – Oh My Gosh [TEMPA060]
Silkie – Concrete Jungle [MEDiLP002]
Mala – Livin’ Different [DMZ017]
Silkie – Limits [ANRCHSTR002]
Mala – Eyez [DMZ016]
Mala – Enter Dimensions [DMZ022]
Zygos – Run Down [TRSK006]
Goth-Trad – Mirage [MEDiLP007]
Headhunter – Atijo [TRSR004]
Addison Groove – Starluck
Helktram – Rain Skin [ENV006]
Zygos – 16 [dub]
DubDiggerz – Busted [GB010]
Zygos – Sudd (D. Operation Drop RMX) [CLV003]
Oxossi – Mr. Shelby [BS001]
DubDiggerz – An Mande [NAVYCUT006]
DubDiggerz – Intemi [PLANTPOWER002]
CITY1 – Cosmic Chant [TRSK007]
Helktram – Knocking [ENV006]
Helktram – Insecure [TRSK008]
Goth-Trad – Sunbeam [MEDI033]
Goth-Trad – Seeker [MEDiLP007]
CITY1 – Siri Dub [GB021]
DubDiggerz – Moontalk [DPND01]
Alter Echo & E3 meet Headland & Diggory Kenrick – Temple Duel [KHALIPHONIC13]
bhed – Goldmund [Hed002]

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