TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 017

Sub FM

Beginning the transmission with the delicate dub experiments of Versa and Tubby Isiah before shifting into a throw-back selection featuring Digital Mystikz and Ramadanman then moving into more aggressive territory marked by the heady stomps of Foamplate, Kromestar, and Goth-Trad while buffered by the North American stalwarts of Nova, Repulsion and Boneless. Something old, something new!


Versa – Temple Song [SYSTM030]
Tubby Isiah – Bring Me Fire [TMC003]
Digital Mystikz – Thief In Da Night [SJR LP172]
Skream – Sublemonal [SJR LP172]
Ramadanman – Revenue [2NDRP12007]
Ramadanman – Offal [SRJ 183-12]
Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold RMX) [2NDRP12007]
Ramadanman – Kablammo Eleven [SRJ 183-12]
Repulsion – Heads Up [DSDV004]
Repulsion – Cursed [SSDUK033]
Repulsion – Spaced [dub]
Pacific Numan – Uncool [VV-Three]
Nova – Bruce’s Highway [T12009]
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Quantum [HYP006]
Cult of the 13th Hour (feat. The Spaceape) – Wickedness [SJR LP172]
??? – ??? [dub]
Foamplate & Lungman – Graff [ERTNSTN001]
Cyrus – Nostalgia [CHST019]
Foamplate & Lungman – Crashing [ERTNSTN001]
Ramadanman – Dayrider [SJR 199-12]
Foamplate – Nettle [PLANTPOWER003]
Nova – Scavenger [VV-Three]
Nova – Whisper in the Wind [T12009]
Boneless – Hurricane [dub]
Goth-Trad – SATURN [MEDi015]
Boneless – Strictly [dub]
Boneless – Wizzro [GB017]
Boneless – Tribulation [dub]
Boneless – The Dark Crystal [dub]
Goth-Trad – Invasion [dub]
Dayzero – Orbit Dub [ZAMZAM76]
Krytikal – Spear Dance [VV-FOUR]
Fearless Dread – Central [JUAN001]
Kromestar – Righteous [NMGR005
Kromestar – Despite [NMGR001]
Digital Mystikz – 2 Much Chat [dmz 030]
Goth-Trad – Dark Path [MEDi015]
??? – ??? [dub]
MRK1 – Counteraction [CON 017]
Headhunter – Drop The Waste [TEMPA031]
MRK1 – Electronik [CON 017]
Pinch – Punisher (Loefah RMX) [ZIQ163R]
Ishan Sound & Kahn (feat. Rider Shafique) – When Shall We Rise [ZAMZAM77]

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