TRUSIK Mix 48: Darkimh

All the way from Newbridge, Dublin, we have Darkimh stepping up to deliver TRUSIK Mix 48. As a producer who has been turning heads and rattling chestplates of late; Darkimh is a purveyor of all things strange, eerie and suitably dark when it comes to sound system music. After clocking up releases on both Infernal Sounds and Silent Motion, the Irish firebrand looks poised to bring some dynamic and exciting new talent to the scene, preferring the creepy and dissonant sound aesthetics reminiscent of other US dread painters such as Malleus, Saule and Moonstones. One to watch for sure, keep your eyes peeled and ear to the ground. On describing the mix Darkimh told us, “the music I’ve chosen has been my favourite music that has been sent to me in the last while. I had this track list down even before I recorded the mix because I knew when I did record a mix, those tunes would be in it”.

Darkimh’s debut release on Infernal Sounds is now available to pre-order.

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