TRUSIK Recommends: October 2019

There are literal metric tons of new records being released every month. We figured we’d put together a monthly list of our favourites to help you cut through the noise. No genre or tempo is off limits, nor are our lists meant to be exhaustive, but we hope that these lists will expand your record collections and DJ sets with producers and songs you may have otherwise not have heard before.

DJ Spinn – Da Life EP | Hyperdub

Teklife luminary returns to Hyperdub after a 4 year hiatus with an EP of future funk footwork blending soul samples, dayglo synths and RnB slow jams.

Response, Digital, Need For Mirrors, Dead Mans Chest – Control State EP | Northern Front Records

4 drum and bass legends, 3 gully rollers chock full of paranoia, aggression and fluidity.

Thugwidow – Hard Rave Aesthetic EP | Western Lore

Thugwidow’s first for Western Lore is a tribute to early 90s rave stabs, bludclaart amen choppage that’s balanced by two chill out room numbers that go fathoms deep.

Gantz – Garam / Rabid | Exit Records

Gantz meets vocalists Amos and Elif Dikec on Exit that blends his found-sound beatsmith building into some kind of trip-hop updated for 2020.

Drone – Horror / Boofy Remix | Sector 7 Sounds

Halloween material from Sector 7 Sounds. Fans of Boylan and Trends will dig the horror movie sampling and purring subs. To top it off, its backed with a Boofy remix that chops and screws the sample to all Hell for extra flex.

Rider Shafique, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Pupajim, Jonah Freed – Santa Muerte Riddim EP | Dub-Stuy Records

Another choice selection by the Dub-Stuy camp in their Riddim series with Rider Shafique, Jahdan Blakkamoore and Pupajim over Jonah Freed’s boom bap riddim “Sante Muerte”.

Zygos – Rotation EP | Foundation Audio

TRUSIK alum Zygos rolling out three different dubstep beats from Foundation Audio. Something for every selector really; from the dub techno steppa “Rotation”, the technoid itch of “Tumble Dub” or the trap x dubstep mongrel “Sick as a Dog”.

Elmono – Cooper’s Dream EP | Tectonic Recordings

Four slowed down jungle from Pinch’s Tectonic Recordings that further explore what’s capable within the hardcore continuum.

The Rootsman – Pass The Chalice / Tribal Dervish | Partial Records

Vintage reissue from ’96 from the Rootsman via Partial Records. With a galloping riddim and select samples urging the holy usage of cannabis on the A-side that’s perfect for any session, its really the b-side “Tribal Dervish” that grafts holy calls to pray from the Middle East onto a foundation crumbling steppa that you should be after.

Richard Lamb – Automatic Tango LP | Temple

Richard Wenger’s experiments that draw upon late 60’s Moog music, dub, industrial and Krautrock. It could have been made in the 60’s or 70’s or even today, but that’s no matter really.

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