Review: Tunnidge – Aftershock / Tunnidge vs Distance – Blame [CHST016]

Living up to the promise of a release each month, comes the second instalment of Chestplate’s 2012 legacy. With Sleeper & District’s first collaborative release hot on the tails due in March and Razor Rekta in April/May, this proliferation of output already makes Distance’s label a strong contender for label of the year. It is something that’s long overdue considering the quality on each and every release but just as equally welcome in the scene.

This is Tunnidge’s second appearance on Chestplate following “7 Breaths / Fear” in 2010 on Chestplate #10. However, this time, he’s not alone. Distance accompanies him on the buttons with “Blame.” Aptly named “Aftershock” is a relentless barrage of high-voltage synths, as though you’d stepped into the middle of a pylon station and connected it to a drum kit with each electrifying strike slowly drawling into a wobble.

For lack of a better word, “Blame” is nowhere near as abrasive as “Aftershock.” A beckoning bell sounds alternating with short guitar-esque riffs sparsely populating the composition, which is undoubtedly Distance’s influence. The growling sub bass allows “Blame” to roll seamlessly with the kicks which is soon joined by a chilling whispered voice intertwining itself in-between the layers.

Although both tracks are Chestplate through and through, perhaps a more suitable alternative to “Aftershock” would have been Distance’s remix of “7 Breaths” to have truly made this an outright Distance & Tunnidge piece. Of the two, “Blame” will certainly earn more spins from me than “Aftershock” but overall, it is a very solid release that will have bass bins on the brink.

CHST016 is released February 13th and available from Bleep and Juno Download.

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