Von D – Cross of Hendaye / Finis Gloriae Mundi [IFS004]

Following a streak of three releases this year from some of the most promising dubstep artists of the moment – including the likes of Causa and Sepia – Infernal Sounds is already back with another record, this time calling France’s finest Von D to the booth. Having made his return on the scene last year with an album for Chateau Bruyant, which closed a two-year releasing hiatus, Jérôme Meyer uses IFS004 as a means to further the sound he went for in album tracks “It’s In Me” or “Picture In Your Mind”: one that retains his sense of arranging various sounds to work together, while distilling atmospheres that are unusually aggressive.

Confirming this trend, IFS004 is made up of two stompers that clearly aim at making an impact in the club. A-side “Cross of Hendaye” doesn’t wait too long to make Von D’s intentions clear: a short and tense introduction is all that’s needed for the producer to unleash the track’s strength, with saturated leads seemingly filling the whole space of the track. Though it is sure to reach its goal on a dancefloor, “Cross of Hendaye” is more than a mere club banger: multiple listens reveal the meticulous details of the track, with hints of dub sirens and fluid sounds emerging through the main sound layers.

“Finis Gloriae Mundi” is yet another example of Von D’s talent for producing tracks that strike on first listen before unveiling themselves with repeated auditions. Making use of a similar sound palette, the track leaves more space for its insistent bassline to express itself, though Von D’s trademark synths still lead the way. The result is a more intriguing listen, and another track with high replay value beyond the initial waves it is sure to be making. As a whole, IFS004 is thus another great release to add to the catalogue of a label that already feels like an important actor in the scene, even though it was launched at the beginning of the year.

IFS004 is released October 14th and available to pre-order from the Infernal Sounds Store.

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