Pugilist – Chrysalis EP


TRUSIK Recordings rings in the new year with their latest release from Melbourne’s Pugilist whose prolific output has landed him on prestigious labels like Artikal, Modern Hypnosis, Green King Cuts and now TRUSIK Recordings. Jumping between the interzone of “bass music” and dubstep, Pugilist crafts four tracks that blend his love of dubstep, dub and techno into an EP that delivers new discoveries with repeated listens.

“Truncated Kicks” is formed from thunderous offset kicks and warehouse scanning sonar pulses, building into a monstrous construct comprised of clipped percussion that slowly morphs into a hypnotic roller as it rushes skyward. “Reformation” slows down the tempo towards the 130bpm range for a brooding, elliptical rhythmic workout as dubby organ vamps ratchet up the tension and urge the groove forward.

“Chrysalis” flits between dubstep and techno as the track blossoms around lavender pads while digital birdsong echoes. Soon a techno-esque 4×4 kick enters the frame until barely contained bass weight leaves the dance gasping for breath. Closing out TRSK005, “Pheromone” is another slow burner that conjures images of the early morning sunrise or neon lit alleyways. Gleefully playing with dubstep’s halfstep stomp and the rolling nature of techno, the track easily dances between the two genres in a delicious synthesis of both.

With appropriately dense and psychedelic-inspired artwork from frequent graphic collaborator Leftanderson, Pugilist’s Chrysalis EP marks a new chapter for TRUSIK as a fledgling label.

A1 _ Truncated Kicks
A2 _ Reformation
B1 _ Chrysalis
B2 _ Pheromone

TRSK005 is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Intense Records and all digital stores.

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