TRUSIK Recommends: August 2019

There are literal metric tons of new records being released every month. We figured we’d put together a monthly list of our favourites every month moving forward to help you cut through the noise. No genre or tempo is off limits, nor are our lists meant to be exhaustive, but we hope that these lists will expand your record collections and DJ sets with producers and songs you may have otherwise not have heard before.

The Bug & Burial – Dive / Rain | Pressure

Two of the most unique producers combining their powers are always welcome, but both their love of space, texture, and ambience combine into something as either producer.

Martyn – Odds Against Us | Ostgut Ton

3 different tracks, 3 different genres from a label and producer more known for techno than classic jungle or dubstep. However Martyn showcases the breadth and depth with his creativity. Channeling Photek and Source Direct with “BC 2” or his earlier Tempa release with “Rhythm Ritual”.

Lurka – Stay Let’s Together | Wisdom Teeth

Clear eyed, spartan, and low-slung motorik percussion drives this three track EP. Each track’s minimalist percussive palate does the heavy lifting, but its the weird and wonky melodies and textures that really make each track come to life when set in contrast to their clinical framework.

Undefined – Three (feat. Rider Shafique) | ZamZam Sounds

Stripped down and driving with warning portents from Rider, “Undefined” is tasteful in its choice application of dub science with cavernous reverbs and subtle echos and delays that recall Martin Hannett’s production on Stephen Morris’s drum kit for Unknown Pleasures.

Al Wootton – Natural Forward | TRULE

Only four releases in and Al Wootton synthesizes 90’s Smith and Mighty for contemporary tastes. With careening Amens, blippy dub techno and driving bass weight, this EP encapsulates what we love most deeply at TRUSIK.

Dubkasm – Rastrumentals Remixes Part 1 | Rastrumentals

E3, Alter Echo, Om Unit and Dubkasm is combination that can’t be beat. E3 and Alter Echo rework “Lei Aurea” into a dancehall killer, however it’s Om Unit’s reworking of “Eco de Jongo” into a chilled out nyabinghi session that elevates Ras B’s reasonings into full sermons.

Speng Bond – Open The Borders | Livity Records

A pure anthem championed by King Shiloh with lyrical content the spans across the globe as authoritarian governments from India, Brazil, the USA, England, to Poland rise to power; all are targets for Speng Bond’s screed against racist, fascistic governments everywhere.

SP:MC – Vintage / Slugfest | Sentry Records

Classy and unmistakable British, SP delivers two clean and crisp [with just enough of that darkside flavour] UKG trax from Yunx’s Sentry records that harkens back to the pre-aughts before “dubstep” even had a name.

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