TRUSIK Recommends: September 2019

There are literal metric tons of new records being released every month. We figured we’d put together a monthly list of our favourites to help you cut through the noise. No genre or tempo is off limits, nor are our lists meant to be exhaustive, but we hope that these lists will expand your record collections and DJ sets with producers and songs you may have otherwise not have heard before.

Ebb – Surface Tension / Bokkei | Subtle Recordings

Pressure from the land of low lying clouds – ’08 style full of dark side energy and sub detonations.

Bakongo – Momoweb | Livity Sound

Livity Sound DJ tools from an incognito Roska that’s perfect rollage to keep the momentum going without leaving the floor gasping for breath. Check ‘Disposition’ for its loopy melody and UK Funky flavour!

Alleged Witches – Initiation Rituals | Dimensions Recordings

Super-limited tribalist technoid constructions that remind us of early Shackleton. Be quick to snag this limited run.

Om Unit Presents: Cosmology Dark Matter | Cosmic Bridge

HUGE compilation from the Cosmic Bridge roster; TMSV, Om Unit, Moresounds, the whole gang is here for a 3 x 12” buffet of the best bassweight at 160bpm. Absolutely gnarly!

Instra:mental – Timelines | Nonplus Records

A superb collection of genre bending beats that references electro, dnb, techno, and UK bass into a bleary-eyed concoction of fragile synth-work from 80s new wave grafted onto the rhythmic framework of the hardcore continuum.

Proc Fiskal – Shleekit Doss | Hyperdub

Bright and dayglo melodic grime that sounds not like a dystopia but from a space utopia not yet thought.

Babe Roots – Remixes EP | Echocord

Babe Roots s/t EP gets treated by dub-techno luminary Mike Schommer amongst others like Forest Drive West; each bringing their own refractions of what dub science can do.

Samba – Winona EP | Deep Medi Musik

New Deep Medi from man like Samba – full of broken and galloping beats, concertina wire and rust-belt bassweight.

Akcept – Cambridge Road / Over & Out | ZamZam Sounds

Cagey and edgy dub wise from Christchurch’s Akcept via perennial dub PhDs ZamZam. Full of filtered drum fills, thick percussion, snake-like basslines, and an underlying sense of menace.

Peel Seamus – Susurro | Delsin Records

Delsin founder Marsel Van Der Wielen goes into his archives [circa 2000] to give us some unabashed Detroit-influenced, heart and soul music that searches the night sky for inspiration.

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