TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 018

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Something a bit different from us for this month’s session. Deciding to simmer the bpms down to the interzone center of house music with the ruff’d up trax from Transitional State, Matt Karmil, and Jay Daniel, techno from Iceland’s Ohm and Kvandrant and Tripeo, and finishing with a liberal seasoning of bass music running the gambit of Lurka’s percussive workouts, the technoid fusions of Paleman and fresh newcomers like Awo Ojiji and Crump. Also there is a dash of old skool Loefah before closing the session with the absolutely killer junglist revivalism of Western Lore’s Dead Man’s Chest, Bluematter, and Eusebeia.


Sun Rising Project – Heal Yourself [REALITY 20181]
Ben Buitendijk – Crtl X [SNA 007]
Tripeo – Track 2 [TRIP2]
Asusu – Velez [LIVITY006]
Perfume Advert – Mad Downer [CB06]
Jay Daniel – Brainz [SS051]
Asusu – Rendering [LIVITY006]
Transitional State – Aerial Thoughts [COMMAND006]
DJ Stingray – ErbB4 [LP07]
Transitional State – Ether’s Lake [COMMAND006]
Christian Kroupa – A Dangerous Game (909 Version) [FARB014]
Matt Karmil – Ripp(Ed) [IRR 015V]
Moiré – Real Special [RHM003]
Ohm & Kvadrant – Hvidding [AE07]
Crump – Bones [IDLE058]
Unknown Artist – Track 2 [PRETTYSNEAKY05]
Bas Amro – If There’s More [SNA 007]
Paleman – Animus [PMAWS 010]
Awo Ojiji – Lifeforms [EOV002]
Chunky – Pash [PMAWS 011]
Awo Ojiji – Swarms Align [EOV002]
Chekov – Math (Squared Mix) [CB05]
Lurka – Ritual Dingers [HOTLINE005]
Awo Ojiji – Grainhive [EOV002]
Creta Kano – Skyway Motel (Lurka RMX) [HAPSKL 008]
Okand Konstar – Price Tags [UMHS 14]
Lurka – Partials [ACRE 056]
Loefah – Crack Bong (D1 RMX) [VERSION015]
Dubamine – Nature’s Dub [ltd]
Loefah – Natural Charge [VERSION015]
Sam Binga x Alter Echo x E3 x Rider Shafique – Shots Fired [ltd]
Sam Binary – Sentinal Era [LORELTD002]
Bluematter – Zeus [LORELTD004]
Dead Man’s Chest & Response – Control State [NORTHFRONTRECS1]
Dead Man’s Chest & Response – We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes [SNKR 018]
Eusebeia – Experiences Shape You [LORELTD003]
Bluematter – Crystal [LORELTD004]

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