TRUSIK Recommends: March 2020

A monthly list of our favourite releases to help you cut through the noise. No genre or tempo is off limits, nor are our lists meant to be exhaustive, but we hope that these lists will expand your record collections and DJ sets with producers and songs you may have otherwise not have heard before.

Zero – Bristol x Tokyo | BS0

A massive 30 track digital release in memorium of Japanese record shop owner Naoki ‘DSZ’ E-Jima whose shop operated as a cross-cultural pollination vector spreading the vibe of Bristol beyond it’s city limits. Everything from downtempo, sound system reggae, dubstep, grime, and more can be found here.

RDG – Planetary Sound Fiction | Circle Vision

Everything we love about RDG’s sound is embodied here on his debut album. Dubstep, techno, jungle, dnb, downtempo all blended together to form his most exhaustive and accomplished work yet. Congratulations Ruben!

Versa – Temple Song EP | System Music

Another 3 piece suite from Versa on System. Each is sublime and delicate while anchored by some heavy basslines.

Loefah – Natural Charge / Crack Bong RMX | Version

Outta left field Version Germany drops two ’05 Youngsta favourites. Even 15 years later, these songs still just as vital.

VA – HARD01 | Hardline Sounds

Garage seems to becoming back and Hardline issues a serious statement of intent. Harkening back to when 2-step got a bit darker while updating the formula to fit for 2020’s production standards. Four killer cuts, each swing and swerve something nasty.

DJ Swagger – Bassline Funkyshit EP | Thirty Year Records

Like Hardline Sounds, DJ Swagger brings old-stool UKG flavours while also tossing in some stripped down grime instrumentals for a record that can flit and float between a bunch different vibes.

INTe*ra ‎– Aqueduct EP | Acting Press

90’s techno wormholes that suffuse IDM and ambient into a great album for sonic mind journeys, the dancefloor, or both!

Skream – Unreleased Classics Vol​.​1 2003 – 2003 | Bandcamp

It took Bandcamp to waiver their fees to convince Skream to release these golden gems. 8 tracks from the vault (courtesy of Plastician) plucked from the FWD>> era when Skream was just getting started.

3WA – Altair EP | Earth & Stone

Earth and Stone enlists Portuguese 3WA for a four tracker that’s dark, cavernous, and hostile. Different dubstep styles that don’t sound like anything else at the moment.

El-B & Roxy – RIPROXY | Bandcamp

Dedicated to the late Roxy, two pioneers showcase their command of the genre. Breathtakingly efficient and danceable, what’s not to love!

  1. Zero – Bristol x Tokyo | BS0

    …i must thank you for this . it’s getting better and better. made my day. :>

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