Competition: Win a copy of IMRV012

“Vampires are at large I tell you… vampires”

Quest unleashes the mother of all DMZ-inspired speaker worship in the form of ‘Vampires’. Inhabiting the same twisted, zero gravity atmosphere of Mala’s ‘Learn’, ‘Vampires’ muddles around a thick heady brew of flickering spring reverb before prying your third eye wide with snare hits that shimmer like heat off hot asphalt. But it’s the Jah ordained bass line that just sinks way way down that’ll have the dance slobbering over themselves. The deeper ‘Vampires’ progresses, the stranger things become. Soon discordant slabs of wheezing organ drape themselves across the rhythm as things pick up steam – becoming a more fluid roller with triplet hi-hat flourishes and off beat Mala drum patterns that he’s pretty much perfected – all that while it’s still anchored to that ferocious galloping sub. The sense of progression with ‘Vampires’ is stunning, evolving from relatively tame half-stepper into some multi-armed roller that’ll rank right up there with the classics.

On the flip, Quest gives the dancers a workout with ‘Overcome’. Not to be overshadowed by the A-side, ‘Overcome’ is ruff and ready with smatterings of varying percussion, Rasta portents of Babylon’s fall, and stargazing synth work – all the ingredients for an appropriately deep yet aggressive mid-set burner. The synth work here is particularly wonderful, given Quest’s affiliation with Deep Medi’s version of Prince, Silkie. Just wait before the second drop happens when Quest gives up some hands/lighta in the air moments!

To celebrate Quest’s debut release on Innamind, we’ve teamed up with Kursk (of Innamind Recordings) to give one lucky individual a chance to win a copy of the record. To enter, simply head over to the TRUSIK Facebook page and LIKEPUBLICLY share THIS PHOTO on your timeline.

The competition will close in one week – Friday November 21st – when a winner will be selected at random and notified via Facebook. Good luck.

IMRV012 will be released December 22nd and is available to pre-order from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, Rewind Forward and Juno Download.

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